The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing Strategy

Table of Digital Marketing Strategy Content

▷ Definition of Digital Marketing Strategy 

▷ Importance of Digital Marketing Strategy 

▷ Purpose of the Book 

▷ What is Digital Marketing? 

▷ Types of   Marketing 

▷ Marketing Strategy vs.  Tactics 

▷ Why You Need a Marketing Strategy 

▷ Setting Objectives 

▷ Identifying Target Audiences 

Dening Key Performance Indicators 

▷ The Ultimate Guide to   Marketing 

▷ Conducting a SWOT Analysis 

▷ Creating a Content Strategy

▷ Developing a Budget 

▷ Setting Objectives 

▷ Conducting Market Research 

▷ Creating Buyer Personas 

▷ Developing a Value Proposition 

▷ Mapping the Customer Journey 

▷ Setting SMART Goals 

▷ Developing a Messaging Strategy 

▷ Choosing the Right Channels 

▷ Creating a Website 

▷ Developing a Social Media Strategy 

▷ Creating Email Marketing Campaigns 

▷ The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Strategy

▷ Running Paid Advertising Campaigns

▷ Creating Landing Pages 

▷ Measuring Key Performance Indicators 

▷ Analyzing Data 

▷ A/B Testing

▷ Optimizing Your Website 

▷ Optimizing Your Social Media Strategy 

▷ Optimizing Your Email Marketing Campaigns 

▷ Optimizing Your Paid Advertising Campaigns 

▷ Staying Up-to-Date with Trends 

▷ Creating a Strong Brand 

▷ Building Relationships with Customers 

▷ Providing Value 

▷ The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing Strategy

▷ Being Authentic 

▷ Measuring Success 

▷ Recap of Key Points 

▷ Final Thoughts 

▷ Call to Action 

▷ Glossary of Key Terms 

▷ Recommended Tools and Resources 

▷ Sample Digital Marketing Strategy Templates 

▷ Case Studies of Successful   Marketing Strategies

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