vNode Digital Training Hub

Empowering Success: vNode Digital Training Hub - Master Marketing Automation, Graphic Design, E-commerce, WordPress, SEO, and More!

Email Automation


○ Email Automation
○ Automated Outreach
○ Landing Page Design
○ Personalized Scripts
○ Comprehensive Solutions



○ Synergy: E-commerce integration
○ Gain knowledge
○ Data Management
○ Reporting Skills
○ Corporate Empowerment


○ WordPress Proficiency
○ Plugin Utilization
○ Theme & Plugins Customization
○ Mobile Optimization
○ SEO Mastery
○ Compelling Content Creation

Graphics Design

○ Learn Design Principles
○ Master Design Software
○ Typography Skills
○ Visual Communication Mastery
○ Stay Updated
○ Build a Strong Portfolio

Cloud CRM

○ Efficient CRM
○ Data Management
○ Business Process Optimization
○ Skill Elevation
○ Digital Realm Mastery

Revolutionize Your Digital Journey: vNode Digital's Training Hub for Cutting-Edge Marketing Skills and Strategic Mastery

Embark on a marketing automation journey with vNode Digital’s training services. We empower individuals and SMEs with essential skills, covering Email Automation, campaign management, graphic design, social media, e-commerce strategies, WordPress, and email marketing platforms. From SEO content creation to ERP Next solutions, our training provides a comprehensive roadmap for digital success. Elevate your skills with vNode Digital and navigate the evolving digital landscape with confidence.

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vNode Digital is a platform that offers email marketing automation, web development, SEO, and community ERP services and comprehensive training in digital marketing. Our services include teaching you how to create marketing campaigns, send automated emails, build landing pages, and design personalized marketing automation scripts.

The vNode Digital Training covers a wide range of topics, including digital marketing tools and techniques, digital strategy and planning for SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises), and knowledge of brand building and sales pushing strategies. We provide advice on tools, channels, and budget distribution for SMEs.

You can build a landing page using Mautic templates and even import templates from other platforms, ensuring a seamless and professional appearance for your campaigns.

vNode Digital assists in building and managing campaigns, including email series, forms, A/B tests, social channel integration, and website tracking. We offer a full package of basic Mautic operations, covering e-commerce, contact list building, segmentation, email writing, spam testing, workflow, and CRM integration.

Yes, vNode Digital offers knowledge in content writing with SEO standards, introducing tools such as Keyword Planner, Keyword Tools,, Keyword Everywhere, and Rank Math.

The training includes basic knowledge of color, theme, and design sources. It covers tasks such as changing backgrounds, enhancing images, resizing for websites, and using design tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, Canva, FotoJet, Uplevo, and Designbold to create content, banners, leaflets, and landing pages.

vNode Digital provides guidance on managing social media accounts, content planning, and maintaining image standards on platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, and Zalo. The training also includes knowledge of Google Adwords, Analysis, Console, Shopping, Adsense, and GDN.

The training covers SEM for pages on e-commerce platforms like Tiki, Lazada, Shopee, and Amazon. It also includes information on chatbot software and systems.

Yes, vNode Digital covers building websites on WordPress, managing websites, plugins, and reports. The training includes checking and fixing compatibility issues, optimizing websites for mobile versions, and using SEO plugins like Yoast SEO and Rank Math.

vNode Digital provides basic knowledge on using functions and creating landing pages, email marketing, and lead management on platforms like MailChimp, HubSpot, and GetResponse. There is also guidance on integrating email and SMS automation platforms with e-commerce platforms like Shopify, BigC Commerce, WooC Commerce, Amazon Marketplace, and Magento, and using workflows to encourage consumer behaviors.

Yes, vNode Digital covers the use of the open-source ERP solution, ERP Next, in conjunction with e-commerce platforms. Additionally, training includes deploying mail servers and Mautic on Cloud VPS, learning DKIM, SPF, and DMARC verification, and acquiring basic Linux command skills.