Best Packages for WordPress Website Design and Development: Plans and Pricing

Custom WordPress Business Website Design

We offer the finest WordPress website design and development packages at affordable prices. A business website serves as the backbone and infrastructure upon which you construct your enterprise.

  • Custom Website design

  • All Final Master Files

  • Mobile Friendly

  • Performance Optimization

  • 100% Ownership Rights

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Get your business noticed with Artimization Web Development Services

We offer the finest WordPress website design and development packages at affordable prices. A business website serves as the backbone and infrastructure upon which you construct your enterprise.


Our Services Package and Features

Feature list
  • Content Page

    The "content page" feature is included in our three packages: Basic (up to 5 pages), Business (up to 10 pages), and Corporate (up to 20 pages).

  • Custom Home Page

    We will deliver the design you need for your custom home page as per your requirements.

  • Blog Post

    We will integrate a comprehensive blog post system into your website, featuring blog categories, post listings, views, comments, and more.

  • Responsive Design

    Responsive design is very important for any website, ensuring seamless adaptation across diverse devices – desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobiles – to deliver optimal user experience and accessibility

  • Contact Forms

    The contact form feature enables visitors to easily reach out to you, facilitating seamless communication and interaction.

  • Mobile Optimized

    With 70-80% of users accessing content via mobile devices, mobile optimization is vital for ensuring seamless functionality and efficiency across websites and applications.

  • Initial SEO Setup

    We offer an initial SEO setup, including submission and optimization, sitemap submission, and integration with search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

  • Livechat Setup

    The live chat feature enables real-time communication between website visitors and support representatives for immediate assistance and engagement.

  • Social Media Integration

    We provide comprehensive social media integration services, seamlessly incorporating your preferred social media platforms into your website. This integration enhances your online visibility, facilitates easy sharing of content, and encourages greater interaction with your audience across various social channels.

  • Newsletter Integration

    Newsletter integration facilitates the seamless incorporation of email newsletter subscription forms into your website, enabling you to grow your subscriber base and engage with your audience effectively.

  • Google Analytics

    Google Analytics is a comprehensive web analytics tool that tracks and reports website traffic, user interactions, conversions, and more. It offers valuable insights into audience demographics, user behavior, popular content, and the effectiveness of marketing efforts. This data helps businesses make informed decisions to optimize their websites and improve overall performance.

  • Domain & Hosting
    1 year
    1 year

    We provide high-speed hosting services coupled with a domain registration for a one-year subscription. Our hosting ensures fast loading times and reliable performance for your website, while the domain registration secures your online identity.

  • Business Email

    Business email services provide professional email addresses using your domain name, such as or, enhancing credibility and branding for your business.

  • Source Code

    We offer access to the source code, empowering you with the ability to customize and modify your project as needed.

  • WordPress Training
    1 Hours
    2 Hours
    3 Hours

    We provide WordPress training sessions to empower you with the skills needed to effectively manage and update your website.

Let us Build Your Website

Let us Build Your Website

What needs to be done

Website Successful

Responsive Website

Responsive website design is where everything starts. Faster loading times lead to happier visitors. Google has made it clear that they favor websites that load quickly. We regularly assess all our clients, and the results are directly communicated to our CEO.

Mobile Friendly

With over 50% of web traffic coming from mobile devices, creating a mobile-friendly website is no longer a choice; it’s a necessity. Our priority is ensuring that the majority of our sites perform seamlessly across all devices

Clean Coding

An easy-to-navigate, logical page layout benefits both your customers and search engines in finding what they seek. Our team of website designers, writers, and developers employs modern coding practices, utilizing clean HTML5 and CSS3.

Web Development Process and Planing

Our WordPress Web Design Packages adhere to a 5-step process for creating new websites.

Web Development Planning

Our website planning and strategy service offers a diverse array of tasks tailored to achieve your website’s objectives.

  • We conduct in-depth planning and strategy sessions, carefully analyzing your goals, target audience, and competition.
  • We craft suitable wireframes or mockups to help visualize your website’s layout and functionality.

User Interface and Design

Our highly skilled web developers offer premium User Interface (UI) development services to enhance the appeal of your website. During this stage,

  • We craft captivating layouts, harmonious color schemes, carefully selected fonts, and comprehensive visual styles.
  • We ensure that the UI design captivates visitors with its appealing visual elements and effortless navigation.

Features and Functionalities

We seamlessly integrate flawless features and functionality into your website. During this phase, our services encompass:

  • Incorporating contact forms, e-commerce systems, and seamless social media integration.
  • Guaranteeing your website executes all essential tasks seamlessly, tailored to your client’s specific needs.

Testing and Debugging

Testing and debugging of the website stand as paramount among the esteemed web development services we offer. In this service category:

  • We meticulously test your website, eliminating any bugs and addressing all issues identified during testing.
  • We guarantee that your website is impeccably crafted and operates seamlessly.

Deployment of Website

Our website deployment service provides a sturdy foundation for your website. During this phase, we:

  • Effortlessly upload your website to a server, making it live on the internet.
  • Carefully select a dependable and secure platform to efficiently manage website traffic.

Maintenance & Support

We provide dedicated support and maintenance to ensure your website stays current and operates smoothly. During this phase, we:

  • Add new features to your website as your changing needs and requirements.
  • We ensure your website is effective and reliable through our ongoing support.

Why vNode Digital is

One of The Best Web Development Companies

Customer Satisfaction

vNode Digital is widely acclaimed for consistently delivering top-notch work that not only meets but surpasses customer expectations. Through the harmonious blend of expertise, proficiency, and insight, we steadfastly pledge to offer unparalleled website design and development services.

Certified Web Developers

We boast a seasoned team of adept web developers and designers with extensive experience across diverse web development projects. We engage in thoughtful deliberation to devise optimal solutions.

Reliable & Time on Delivery

We're your cost-effective web development partner to rely on. Our structured technical approach enhances your site's performance, simplifies intricacies, and delivers every project on time.

Customized solutions, Collaborative, Communicative

To meet your business-specific objectives, we adopt tailored strategies from the outset. We provide comprehensive reports and regular updates on all modifications. Our committed team is always ready to assist with any challenges you encounter


Frequently Asked Questions

How can a custom website design benefit my business?

A custom website design can benefit your business by providing a unique online presence tailored to your brand, improving user experience, and increasing conversion rates.

What are the key features included in your WordPress web design packages?

Our WordPress web design packages include features such as content page creation, responsive design, contact forms, mobile optimization, initial SEO setup, live chat setup, social media integration, and more, depending on the package selected.

How does the web development process work for WordPress sites?

Our WordPress web design packages include features such as content page creation, responsive design, contact forms, mobile optimization, initial SEO setup, live chat setup, social media integration, and more, depending on the package selected.

How does the web development process work for WordPress sites?

Our web development process for WordPress sites follows a 5-step approach: planning, design, development, QA and testing, and launch.

What measures do you take to ensure website responsiveness and mobile-friendliness?

We ensure website responsiveness and mobile-friendliness through thorough testing and optimization during the development process.

Can you provide examples of your previous WordPress projects?

Yes, we can provide examples of our previous WordPress projects upon request.

How do you handle website security and maintenance for WordPress sites?

We handle website security and maintenance for WordPress sites by regularly updating plugins, themes, and WordPress core, implementing security measures, and performing backups.

Do you offer SEO optimization services as part of your WordPress development packages?

Yes, SEO optimization services are available as part of our WordPress development packages to improve search engine visibility and rankings.

What steps do you take to ensure clean coding and optimal website performance?

We ensure clean coding and optimal website performance by following modern coding practices, utilizing HTML5 and CSS3, and optimizing code for efficiency.

Can you customize WordPress themes and plugins to fit our specific needs?

Yes, we can customize WordPress themes and plugins to fit your specific needs and requirements.

How do you handle website backups and updates for WordPress sites?

We handle website backups and updates for WordPress sites by scheduling regular backups, monitoring updates, and ensuring the smooth functioning of your website.