The Newbie's Playbook to Digital Marketing and Marketing Automation

Table of Digital Marketing & Marketing Automation Content

▷ What is digital marketing?

▷ What is marketing automation?

▷ Why are they important in today’s business landscape?

▷ How can they help businesses grow?

▷ Understanding the customer journey

▷ Setting SMART goals

▷ Identifying your target audience

▷ Crafting a unique value proposition

▷ Developing a content marketing plan

▷ Leveraging social media for business growth

▷ Mastering search engine optimization (SEO)

▷ Running elective email marketing campaigns

▷ The Newbie’s Playbook to Digital Marketing

▷ What is marketing automation and how does it work?

▷ Automating lead generation and nurturing

▷ Automating customer retention and loyalty

▷ Selecting the right marketing   platform

▷ Setting up   automation workows

▷ Integrating marketing automation with other tools and systems

▷ Measuring the success of marketing   campaigns

▷ The importance of data and analytics

▷ Identifying and addressing pain points in your strategy

▷ Continuously testing and optimizing your eorts

▷ The Newbie’s Playbook to Digital Marketing Staying up-to-date with industry trends and best practices 

▷ Recap of key takeaways

▷ Actionable steps for implementing digital marketing

▷ Resources for further learning and growth.

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