Book Maximizing ROI With Google Analytics

ROI with Google Analytics

Table of Maximizing ROI With Google Analytics Content

▷ E-commerce Tracking and Analysis with Google Analytics

▷ Introduction to E-commerce Tracking

▷ Setting up E-commerce Tracking in Google Analytics

▷ Analyzing E-commerce Data using Google Analytics

▷ Revenue Analysis

▷ Product Performance Analysis

▷ Sales Funnel Analysis

▷ Optimizing E-commerce Performance

▷ Cart Abandonment Analysis

▷ Product Recommendations

▷ A/B Testing

▷ Introduction to Advanced Reporting and Dashboarding

▷ Customizing Reports and Dashboards

▷ Basic Customizations

▷ Advanced Customizations

▷ Sharing Reports and Dashboards

▷ Advanced Segmentation and Filters

▷ User Segmentation

▷ Cohort Analysis

▷ Custom Filters

▷ Optimization

▷ Introduction to Lead Generation and Conversion Setting up Goals and Funnels

▷ Goal Types

▷ Funnel Visualization

▷ Conversion Rate Optimization Techniques

▷ Landing Page Optimization

▷ Call-to-Action Optimization

▷ A/B Testing

▷ Introduction to Local and Regional Businesses

▷ Setting up Local and Regional Tracking in Google Anal     Analyzing Local and Regional Traffic

▷ Geo-Location Analysis

▷ Demographic Analysis

▷ Behaviour Analysis

▷ Local SEO Optimization Techniques

▷ Google My Business

▷ Local Citation Building

▷ Local Content Marketing

▷ Introduction to SEO and Organic Traffic

▷ Setting up SEO Tracking in Google Analytics

▷ Analyzing Organic Traffic Data

▷ Keyword Analysis

▷ Landing Page Analysis

▷ Referral Analysis

▷ SEO Optimization Techniques

▷ On-page Optimization

▷ O-page Optimization

▷ Technical SEO

▷ Recap of Key Points

▷ Future of Google Analytics

▷ Final Thoughts.

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