Marketing Automation

vNode Digital offers a platform called vNode Cloud Mautic that helps businesses with Marketing Automation. This means it can assist with creating marketing campaigns, sending automatic emails, building landing pages, designing personal marketing automation scripts, and improving the customer experience. Using this service can help increase revenue and craft effective marketing strategies.


Low Cost

Our service helps you reach a lot of people without spending much money. We can help you with email, digital, or social media marketing. Social media marketing is the cheapest option. It lets you reach a lot of people in an affordable and trackable way.

Increase Follower

Get more people to follow and visit your social media and website. Use different communication methods to reach more people. This will help you teach them about your products/services and create positive feelings about your brand among many people, not just a few.

Lead Management

vNode Digital Cloud Mautic helps organizations qualify incoming leads, and analyze and nurture them so that they can be converted into new business opportunities. In a typical sales process, leads from multiple channels enter your lead management system, and the sales-ready leads are converted into deals.

Customer Retention

The solution helps businesses build and maintain relationships with customers through automated personalized campaigns.

Save Time

vNode Digital Cloud Mautic automates marketing tasks that businesses must perform regularly such as sending emails, and segmenting customers.

Increase Sale Revenue

When customer service is enhanced, customer loyalty increases, and as a result, it attracts new customers.


Email Crawling Script

An email scraper tool has an email finder browser extension that extracts email addresses from a website, website, or social media platform. It provides installable software that allows you to scout from a web page email addresses, phone numbers,

Contact & Segment

Contacts are the central factor of a marketing automation platform. These are all the individuals who have visited your websites or interacted with you in some way. The segment is the default tabular view of all the contacts

Group Control

Send different content emails to each specific group. Send suitable content to the groups of customers with similar interests in certain groups of products or services. And also control the customers who are not targeted, they will not receive that content.

Email Template Builder

You can select different screen sizes to preview your emails. You have the ability to undo and redo your changes. Editor functions from left to right: display grids, Full-screen view, export MJML / HTML code, Edit code, display customization options, display blocks, and close editor.

Automated & Scheduling Email

Automatically send emails according to the setup script Automated emails. Send scripted mail Yes / No. Use logic thinking based on customer behavior, visit sites, and engagement to pursue potential customers.

Landing Page Builder

Quickly design and launch professional-looking landing pages without the help from developers or IT. Choose from our built-in library of mobile-optimized templates that are proven to convert, or build pages from the ground up. With the drag-and-drop page editor,

Form Builder

Forms are a special part of the marketing automation system. A form builder app lets you create online forms instantly to collect actionable data and feedback. With a form builder tool in place, you can craft forms the way you like them, automate

Email Verifier App

The email verifier app helps to filter all the dead email address which is no longer served or expired domain or closed business from your contact list. It helps your email system’s reputation and protects your emailing system from black

Automatic Email Respond

Automatically responds according to the subscriber’s behavior. Send script-based automated emails to nurture subscribers and pull leads. We can set up an automatic reply for incoming e-mails that lets the sender know their e-mail was received by us.

vNode Digital provides email automation system

vNode Digital provides a simple but extremely effective email marketing tool, step by step reaching and interacting with customers at the right time, with low cost and easy campaign management.

Our Marketing Automation Package

  • Unlimited number of free emails
  • Domain
  • Unlimited number of recipients in each email
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Send unlimited contact mail
  • Unlimited Marketing Automation Scripts
  • Unlimited landing pages in the system
  • Registration Form / Unlimited Pop-ups
  • Increase mail sending speed, and avoid error mail.
  • Spam filter
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Direct consulting support
  • Email Crawling Script
  • Email Verifier App