At vNode Digital, we provide a cloud-based tool called CRM that helps you manage your customer records and support your marketing team with daily tasks such as appointments, meetings, quotes, invoices, and contracts. It also has a big community of developers and can work as a mini ERP.

Access your customer data from anywhere and collaborate with your support team to take initiative on demand

Leads and Contacts

Get a complete view of all your customers, including details such as name, phone number, prior communications, and account history.

Sales Team

Take over and follow up on mature leads from the marketing team according to the individual assignment. Product management, quotes, leads, customer tagging for management, contract management.

Inventory Management

Manage vendors, track stock levels, build quotes, and send invoices to ensure efficient inventory control. Build price books based on customer segments and track online payments for streamlined operations.

Manage Customer

Emails, calls, messages, appointment schedules and manage project progress and tasks so on

Management Benefit

Impartial employee, performance evaluation. Real-time system to make reports and analyses.

Sales Funnels

Acquire leads and build lasting relationships. Use landing pages, web forms, email campaigns, and personalized sequences to generate and nurture leads.

Help Desk

Support happier customers across every channel

Marketing Team

Manage leads, and campaigns. Manage multi-channel campaigns.

All in One

Sell, market, and support across the entire customer journey


The level of customer satisfaction: thanks to customer file division to manage more illogically and effectively.

 Interacting and communicating with customers through campaign tools: email, SMS, Zalo, and virtual switchboard. 

Orders and revenue: thanks to closely tracking and timely responding to customers’ needs. 

Communication and performance of teams: (marketing, sales, customer service) with internal storage, data transfer, and chat/email tools.


Paperwork, redundant processes. Reduce wasted time, thanks to centralized management by one system. Minimized cost of SMS, and phone messages. thanks to connecting virtual PBX