vNode Digital would like to go with your business journey and support you with technology and modern tools in digital marketing. You don’t need to be expert of graphic or hire designer to have outstanding logo which your patient customers recognize your products and service. vNode Digital can make your website visual and updating every sale session.

Website Content Service

We’d like to provide you with clear, informative product content as well as a website policy suitable for SEO, SEM, and Google Ads.
vNode Digital also offers you image optimization to make your site faster and compatible with all devices.

Social brand marketing

vNode Digital offers a performance marketing service as a part of digital marketing, based on the social channel to impress your brand in front of target customers. Design the images, banners, and content for the campaigns on Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Zalo, SMS, Email, Blog, E-commerce website.
Book and manage advertising on electronic newspapers, Traffic Vov, Admicro, Coc Coc, Zalo Ads, and Elevator Frame for your company.

Brand recognition kit

As far as your business grows, the images in customers’ minds are what you should concern about. vNode Digital wants to contribute you the tools and strategy to impress and go in deep customers’ mind.

>> We offer company recognization kits (logo, sale kit, company profile, company image, product/service image, company introduction film, product/service introduction film, promotional film (the 30s), and viral video.

>> Advise and implement: product strategy, pricing strategy, distribution strategy, promotion strategy, and many more>>


>> Learn businesses and analyze demands.

>> Plan according to customer goals: 1 month – 3 months – 6 months – 12 months

>> Make proposals

>> Measure, report, and adjust solutions to achieve goals

>> Conduct digital marketing activities in sequence according to the plan