Mail Server is a solution for businesses to send and receive emails in large quantities without spam. vNode Digital offer a fast and reliable cloud-based emailing system for small, medium companies, and startup.

Private Server

We provide separate mail server. Using independent private server to get best performance 

Unlimited Accounts

Unlimited number of outgoing emails and email accounts

Admin Control

Full control for admin level

Antivirus / AntiSpam

Firewall and DDoS protection system, powerful anti-malware and spam system

Handle Huge Quantity

Ability to handle huge quantity of emails everyday

Employee Checker

Email content of employees can be checked

Separate Storage

Has a separate, inviolable storage space

SSL Certificate

High security can deploy SSL certificate for your own mail server

High Speed & Security

High speed, security, and many utilities

Private IP

Using a private IP should prevent unreasonable being on black list

Forwarder Feature

Supports forwarder email feature to set up email offline


The system has verified with SPF, DKIM, and DMRC which assures your email sent to the customer inbox of more than 97% 
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Our Email Server Package

  •  40GB
  •  Unlimited email addresses
  •  Unlimited alias domains
  •  Email Encryption
  •  Antivirus / AntiSpam
  • Backup
  • SPF / DKIM authentication
  • Never lose your email
  • Free SSL